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Can I create multiple goals?
Written by Adam Rayf
Updated over a week ago

Of course, you can create multiple goals! You can have up to 10 goals on your Moka profile!

To create multiple goals:

👉 Log in to Moka
👉From the Overview section, select the + symbol (upper right corner)

👉A new window will open. Choose between a variety of suggested goals or create your own personalized goal

How do multiple goals work?

✌️ Your weekly roundups will be applied to every goal you create, by default. So, let’s say you’ve created two goals. If you buy a $3.25 cup of coffee, the $0.75 roundup will be applied to both goals separately. That means you’ll be putting away a total of $1.50 in spare change for that single transaction.

✌️ You can enable or disable roundups for any goal, anytime. You can also make Boosts (one-time deposits) into each individual goal, activate the recurring deposit feature and the same goes for the multiplier feature!

✌️ Plus, you can keep track of your contributions to each goal in the Transfers section of your Moka application.

What are you waiting for? Now you can save for your dream vacation and your retirement at the same time!

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