There are a few possible reasons for a transfer failure. Here are the most common ones:

🧐 Verification process: If you joined Moka on a Friday or over the weekend, you likely won’t have any roundups transfer on the first Monday following the creation of your Moka account. This is because we need to verify your identity and the accuracy of the banking information you’ve provided before we finish opening your investment account or start moving any money under your name.

💔 No roundups or connection issue: This type of error occurs when Moka is unable to connect to your financial institution, which prevents us from capturing your roundups. In some cases, the connection issue is due to a security question that remains unanswered. Another reason this error occurs is if roundups have been turned off for all of your accounts.

❌ Incorrect funding information or malformed funding information: These two errors are pretty similar because they are both due to an issue with your banking information. It is possible that your information was captured incorrectly when you linked your financial institution or perhaps you did not provide all the required information. 

💳 No funding source: If you see this error, you haven’t yet connected a funding source to your Moka account.

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