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What is MokaBot?

Everything you need to know about our chatbot.

Written by Adam Rayf
Updated over a week ago

MokaBot is our powerful chatbot powered by Ada.

It is built by humans (and its pretty awesome too)!

Why a chatbot?

At Moka, our users are our first priority. We have a dedicated Customer Success team available to help you 7 days of the week, but sometimes we receive a high volume of messages that may slightly delay our response time. Thats where MokaBot comes in. It is there to answer some of your questions instantly, while you wait on support from our CS team.

MokaBot offers you on-demand support and provides our team with some basic information that will help them help you. Our goal is always to resolve any issue you may have as quickly as possible!

Will MokaBot replace my favorite CS agent?

No! Human interaction is still integral to Moka and thats not changing any time soon. MokaBot is only there to complement and improve the service our CS agents offer.

We understand that interacting with a bot might sometimes feel impersonal. You can always ask MokaBot to redirect you to an agent!

How do I use MokaBot?

When you tap on the Contact Us! button in the app, you will be redirected to MokaBot first. You can either ask the bot a question or tap on one of the common questions that shows up in the chat window.

Try to keep your questions short! Saying something simple like How can I withdraw or Can I remove a goal will usually work better than a longer sentence.

Can I access my old conversations?

Yes! If you previously had a conversation with an agent and just want to return to it, you can simply ask the bot! Saying something like See previous conversations will let our bot know that you want to view your messaging history.

The bot is not answering my questions.

We are always working to improve MokaBot but it might not give you exactly the answer you were looking for. If this happens, you can give the answer you received a and we will know this is something we need to work on!

Dont forget that you can always ask the bot to speak to an agent by saying something like Speak to an agent. Feel free to give our agents any feedback you may have about your experience using MokaBot. Were always looking for new ways to improve our product and your feedback is important to us!

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