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Why do you ask security questions when linking my bank?
Why do you ask security questions when linking my bank?
Written by Adam Rayf
Updated over a week ago

Some banks require multi-factor authentication to verify your identity, and we must comply with these requirements before we can complete setting up your account. We do not keep any record of your security question passwords so you may be asked to enter them again anytime your bank disconnects from the app.

The type of multi-factor authentication necessary varies by bank. For some, we might have to ask your security question more than once. Other banks will give you a phone call or send an email before they allow you to link your bank account to our app.

If an unanswered security question is preventing us from capturing your transactions, we will notify you via the application, in a red banner as soon as you open the app to the Overview section. We will then redirect to your online banking, where you’ll be able to answer your security questions and refresh your transactions.

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