Moka's Customer Success Team is tiny but mighty! We are a small team answering queries from over 150 000 users. We work 9am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday.  

Our usual turnaround time for messages is 1 business day. However, for periods of high volume (like the first week of the month) it can span up to four days.

You can contact us directly through the app or by emailing We do not have a phone line since most of our support is done via email, or via the chat of the application. 

All the messages we receive are funnelled into the same system and we reply to messages in the order that they arrive. 

We answer all messages that we receive!  As such, we kindly request your patience when opening a support request. We also ask that you do not open multiple conversations for the same request, as it only slows down our response time overall. 

We are happy to support you, and answer all the questions you have as you save and invest towards your awesome financial goals!

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