Moka is a goal-based saving and investing platform. Having a goal will motivate you to save, and it also gives us some important information about how we should invest your money, including what kind of account makes the most sense for you and what strategy we should use.

When you create a Moka account, we ask you a couple of questions so that we can select a risk profile that's a good fit for you. We also ask you to create a goal: What do you want to achieve and how much do you want to save and invest by a certain date?

The goal you create is a direct reflection of your Moka investment account. You can modify your Goal at any time in the application :

✅ Log in to your Moka application

✅ Under the Overview section, select your Goal

✅ A new window will open. Select the "..." button in the top right corner

✅ Then select Goal details 

🚀 Change your goal to whatever you want it to be!

Since your Goal plays an important role in the way your money is invested, changing your Goal may also lead to a change in your portfolio. For this reason, some changes will trigger a message to your portfolio manager. 

At Moka, we'll make achieving your goals easier than this:

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