Your funding source is the account from which we withdraw the roundups that we invest in your Moka investment account, also referred to as your goal(s), on a weekly basis. It is also the account that we will debit the monthly fee from at the end of each month. You can view your current funding source by logging in to your Moka application and going to Account > Linked accounts. 

Since the application was built to automatically connect to chequing and credit card accounts, Moka might have already chosen a default funding account for you. It's important that once set up, you verify and modify the chosen account if need be. You can modify your funding source at any time via the application. If the account you'd like to use isn't a typical chequing account, you can select another account by clicking on Account > Linked accounts > Use another account. 

If at any point on your Moka adventure, you withdraw funds, your money will be deposited in your current funding source. 

Please note your funding source is also the account from which your monthly Moka fee will be withdrawn.

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