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Moka is joining forces with Mogo. Do I need a Mogo account?
Moka is joining forces with Mogo. Do I need a Mogo account?
Written by Adam Rayf
Updated over a week ago

Do I need to open a Mogo account?

Your Moka account continues to operate as before, so you can continue saving and investing toward your financial goals.

You are welcome to learn more about the great suite of product features that Mogo offers by having a look at their website.

Do I need to opt in to use Mogo?

You do not need to open an account or opt-in to Mogo at this time.

Is my personal information shared with Mogo?

We – and Mogo - take protecting your privacy very seriously and your personal information is protected and will only be shared in accordance with our respective privacy policies and applicable privacy laws. [Mogo’s Privacy Policy & Security Practices can be viewed here.]

What if I don’t want to be a part of Mogo?

You are not required today to have a Mogo account to keep using Moka.

Is Mogo a secure service?

Mogo is empowering its more than one million members with simple digital solutions to help them get in control of their financial health. Through the Mogo app, consumers can access a digital spending account with Mogo Visa* Platinum Prepaid Card featuring automatic carbon offsetting, easily buy and sell bitcoin, get free monthly credit score monitoring, ID fraud protection, and personal loans. Mogo’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Carta Worldwide, also offers a digital payments platform that powers the next-generation card programs from innovative fintech companies in Europe, North America, and APAC.

Mogo is a listed NASDAQ/TSX company.

Do I have to pay anything to be part of Mogo?

No extra payment is required to join Mogo.

Do I need to do anything to activate my Mogo account?

You can learn more about or join Mogo anytime at Please note that Mogo isn’t currently available in Quebec.

Is my personal info safe with Mogo?

You can learn more about Mogo privacy and security protocols here.

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