Yes! You can read more about this in a letter from our CEO Phil Barrar or in the press release here.

Why is Moka partnering with Mogo?

We’re creating a powerhouse fintech with a massive capability to help our Canadian and French users get in control of their financial health and build wealth.

The combination of Mogo’s multi-product app and Moka’s digital saving and investing products, as well as two experienced fintech teams will create a doubly compelling and differentiated value proposition in finance and build the foundation for the most comprehensive consumer fintech solution in Canada and France.

Is my Moka account migrating to Mogo?

You can continue to use the Moka app the way you have been.

We expect the partnership with Mogo to launch in the second half of 2021 and will communicate any instructions or information to you.

To learn more about Mogo, check out their website.

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