Moka 360 includes a feature that helps you spend less on your monthly bills, effortlessly! We save our users $250 a year, on average. Just send us a phone, internet or cable bill and then sit back and relax while we call your provider to negotiate a better deal for the same plan. We’ll save you both time, and if our negotiations are successful, money too!

How much can I really save?

On average we are able to save our users $250, but sometimes manage much more than that! (We’ve saved a few users over $1000!)

How do you negotiate my bill?

We’ll ask you a few easy questions and then we’ll use our negotiation skills to make sure you are getting the best rate on the market. This means that you can save money on your bills without spending time on a phone call with your provider.

Will you change my plan when you negotiate my bill?

We will not cut any features of your plan, lock you into any new contracts, or accept any temporary promotions that will increase your cost after a few months. We will always try to get you more for your money or lower the cost of your plan. If you want to add or remove features from your plan, we’ll try to negotiate that change for you at no additional cost.

What bills can you negotiate?

We focus on negotiating phone, internet, and cable TV services across Canada. If you’d like us to negotiate a better price for another kind of monthly bill, please reach out! We love discovering new ways to help our community save money.

To send us a bill:

  • Click on the 360 tab;

  • Select "Spend less on your monthly bills";

  • Click on the button "Upload my bill";

  • Upload a PDF of your most recent bill and answer a few questions;

  • Submit your information, and our team will handle the rest! 🎉

This feature is offered along with the other Moka 360 features and our money-back guarantee.

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