Moka 360 is only $15 per month and comes with a 200% money-back guarantee on fees. That's $360. Really. If you don't save at least what you pay for a year of Moka 360, we'll deposit $360 in your Moka goal. You’ve got nothing to lose.

👉 Here’s exactly how the guarantee works:

  • To qualify, you must use Moka 360’s money-saving features for twelve consecutive months;

  • You must submit a bill, chat with one of our financial coaches and create a credit card repayment plan at least once. If you don't have any credit card debt or if we don't support your credit card, you can use cashback Perks to maintain your eligibility;

  • If Moka 360 does not help you save at least what you paid in a year, we’ll give you a 200% refund on your fees;

  • You'll have one month following the twelve-month of service to claim your 200% money-back-guarantee;

  • The money-back-guarantee applies only to the fees for Moka 360. It does not apply to investment account contributions, gains or losses.

  • Important: If you are offered a promotional discount on your monthly fees you will only eligible for a 200% money-back guarantee on the fees you actually paid.

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