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What kind of investment portfolios do you offer?
What kind of investment portfolios do you offer?
Written by Adam Rayf
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Each investment portfolio contains a combination of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Through these ETFs, your money is invested in stocks and bonds spanning thousands of issuers. This approach to investing follows the Modern Portfolio Theory, which prioritizes diversification over selecting individual stocks.

Each portfolio has been built to reflect various risk versus reward profiles and aims to help you achieve your financial goals.

We use the information collected during your sign-up process in combination with your goal to provide you with an investment profile. Our profiles use a mix of stocks, bonds, and savings funds to develop portfolios suited to your personal goals. Here are the 5 types of portfolios we offer:

Cautious Income

Balanced Income


Balanced Growth

Equity Growth

Detailed information about your investment profile is provided in the app (under Account > Documents > Investment Policy).

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