What are Perks?

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Written by Adam Rayf
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Perks are valuable cashback deals and discounts that help you save when you spend with brands you love. 🛍️

Perks are a fantastic benefit that comes free with your account. What’s more, the cashback you receive through Perks will more than cover the cost of your monthly subscription fee.

Instead of Perks that expire every month, you’ll now have access to hundreds of deals that are always available. Shop somewhere on the reg'? That's cashback towards your goal, every time! You can thank us later.

To take advantage of an offer, you need to go through the app first. It’s the only way we can track your purchase in order to credit the money into your account.
Click on the Perks card on your Overview screen to see what’s available, then select the offer you want. You’ll be taken straight to the merchant’s online store or app where you’ll shop or use the service as usual. Once your transaction is finalized, the money will automatically appear in your goal.

Your cashback offer will appear in the app once the transaction is finalized. However, the time frame for this is different for each offer. For example, if you request an Uber, your transaction would be considered final once the trip is completed. For online stores, you may have to wait until your purchase arrives and the refund window has closed. The best thing to do is to check the terms for each Perk from the overview page in the app.

If your transaction is final and you still can’t see the cashback amount in your account within 30 business days, send us a message and we’ll look into it.

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