The investment objective of the Moka SRI Fund is to provide long term capital growth by investing in a manner consistent with addressing the world’s major social and environmental challenges such as:

  • Climate change

  • Gender diversity in the workplace

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Sustainable development

To achieve this investment objective, the fund will invest primarily in low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and units and/or shares of other investment funds managed by third-party managers selected to provide a risk-return profile similar to a well-diversified portfolio of Canadian large capitalization equity securities.

The fund may also invest in securities of non-Canadian issuers. These particular investments will generally be no more than 40% of the net assets of the fund and the fund may engage in derivatives transactions to hedge against changes in currency exchange rates. The fund may hold a portion of its assets in cash, government bonds, short-term debt, or money market securities while seeking investment opportunities or for defensive purposes in a certain market or economic conditions.


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