Is my money CIPF insured?
Written by Adam Rayf
Updated over a week ago

Your account is invested in mutual funds especially set up for Moka clients. Your Moka account itself is not CIPF insured, however, the funds are all held in trust for Moka clients at a custodian that does provide CIPF insurance.

We have the same amount of protection as any Canadian mutual fund. 

The custodian for Moka funds is CI Investments Services Inc. and our trustee is TMX Trust, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Toronto Stock Exchange Group. We are audited by an international accounting firm annually.

CIPF and other deposit insurance are complicated and we do not want to oversell (or undersell) the protections we have put into place for Moka clients. You should, indeed, always be careful, ask questions, and feel comfortable when choosing an investment option.

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