We have a "low balance rule" in place to protect you from the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees that banks charge. 

On Sunday night or Monday morning, we check to ensure that after the upcoming transfer you will have at least $25.00 in your bank account. If there would be less than $25.00, we do not transfer funds that week. 

If you have overdraft protection or line of credit associated with your funding account, we suggest you disable this rule so that transfers can still take place, regardless of your account balance.

You can enable or disable this rule for your Moka by looking under Account > Settings > Override low balance rule. If you want this protection ON, make sure the Override low balance rule is toggled in grey towards the left. If you wish to turn it OFF, meaning you want to force transfers even if your balance is low or negative, slide the toggle to the right and it will turn blue

That being said, despite our best efforts, some situations are outside of our control. Your financial institution may take several days to process a transfer request. As such, if your funding account balance changes between Monday morning and the moment that your bank processes your transfer, you may receive an NSF fee if your account balance is lower than the pending transfer amount.

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