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When will I receive my $10 referral bonus?
When will I receive my $10 referral bonus?
Written by Adam Rayf
Updated over a week ago

When you invite a friend to join Moka with your personal referral link, you will each receive $10 for free when that friend successfully opens and adds funds into a Moka account.

To be eligible for the $10 referral credit, your referred friend must:

  1. Use your referral link to download the application on their phone;

  2. Connect their bank to their Moka account;

  3. Verify their identity;

  4. Have at least one successful transfer of roundups or boosts.

Once the four conditions above have been successfully met, we’ll send you an email to confirm the successful referral and let you know that you and your friend can expect a $10 referral bonus shortly. 💰 

Thanks for sharing the Moka love with your friends and family. ❤️  We’re all looking forward to helping you, and everyone else, reach your financial goals!

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